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Mark K.
John T.
Ron M.
Roman & Laura D.
“Steve Rupp is a master at follow up. He is excellent at communicating. He tells you when he is available, and he responds at his earliest convenience. His professionalism is outstanding. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Kylie is a gem! She is the power house in the office that keeps the Keller-Williams motor running. She is very professional and organized. Steve has the experience, the expertise and the training for an excellent realtor. But so do hundreds of other realtors in the market. What was incredible to me was the consistent positive feedback from Steve's clients. He provided the type of service to others that I was hoping to receive. Steve stands out from any other realtor for exceptional customer service. When all was researched and compared to his competition, I hired Steve mainly because of his exceptional references from previous clients. I in urn received that exceptional service.” Mary Duerden
“Steve exceeded our expectations with his performance and professionalism. This was our first time selling a home and we felt like we could trust him and his experience. He did not let us down.” Brandon & Kyria Quarles
“In our home, Steve's full name is Steve Rupp, World's Greatest Realtor.  Even the kids call him by that fully.  He was recommended to us when we were considering accepting a job in IN that required a move from FL.  When we were here checking out the area, Steve spent 5 and 1/2 hours with us touring the entire area (Noblesville, Westfield, Fishers, Carmel).  We looked at a few houses but mostly he allowed us to see the suburbs and provided us with extensive information about the similarities and differences of each town.  He provided us with information about the town histories, mayors, city government, schools, soccer clubs and entertainment.  At that time we didn't even know if we would be relocating and Steve did not stand to earn any money.  But, he is such a wonderful concierge for the area that he took great care and time with us helping us to fully appreciate these communities.  When we ultimately decided to make the move Steve was instrumental in helping us get the home we wanted.  Houses were selling so quickly during this time that you had to bid almost immediately when a home was put on the market to get it.  When we found the one we wanted Steve stayed up on the phone with us from FL until after 11pm to ensure our bid was submitted that same day.  As it turned out, our bid went in late that night and a second bid went in on the home first thing the next morning. So, due to Steve's dedication and late night we got the house we wanted.  Since we were buying from long distance he also did a Facetime walk through with us that was so thorough we felt like we had actually toured the home ourselves.  I completely and fully recommend Steve and his office (his assistant Kylie is wonderful too!) and if the need ever arises for us again we will use him again as well.” Chris & Jamie Odle
“Steve Rupp provided an unbelievable experience for us during our recent home sale. If you need things to happen and not worry about the details (and there are always going to be details you don't expect) then I strongly recommend working with Steve Rupp. From the preparation before you list through the closing he is there and always has solutions to your issues.” Ruel & Cynthia Williamson
Steve helped us buy our first home and we could not be more grateful to him for all his help and support in searching for and finding the perfect home for us! Steve is incredibly knowledgable and personable and we felt his support throughout the entire process! We could not be more thrilled with our first home and are incredibly thankful for having Steve as our realtor. Allison & Kevin Hill
Steve Rupp answered all our questions and helped with any difficulties we had along the way. Steve was very professional and polite Barney & Paula Gugle
We bought this house from Steve Rupp 10 year ago, and at that time I was very impressed with him and his knowledge of the area and in buying a rental property. Ever since then we have been good friends. My husband and I are not in a position to keep the rental property as we are both retired and need to move on from rentals. Steve was a life saver to help us sell the property... Just because we no longer have property in Indiana and live in California, we will always be friends. I have told everyone I have talked to that Steve Rupp is your man if you want to live in Indiana. Clara and Phil Cole
From the time of the first presentation of your services to the final closing, we received accurate, timely information. The [market analysis] by you and pricing recommendation was better than the appraiser and resulted in an increase in the price we realized. Jack and Steve, you are truly professionals and we recommend you to anyone in need of your services. Bob & Eileen M.
I was very impressed with Jack and Steve’s knowledge and professionalism, and I feel their work ethic and attention to detail were the reasons the sale of my home was completed quickly and smoothly. The competitive advantage you can receive by using Jack and Steve as your Realtor is their vast knowledge and protection of your interest at every turn. They are aware of the pitfalls that exist, thus they are able to navigate you around these issues, ensuring you have a fair and equitable deal whether you are a seller or a buyer. Jason S.
Wow, wow, and more wow’s as I think of the hurdles we ventured through together to give us a completion in the house selling/buying transaction. It was great to have your needed expertise and dedication to your clientele to push forward in all concerns: paperwork, verification, communication, details, financing, and so much more. You did so much that a “for sale by owner” person would have pulled all their hair out and more. Therefore, from our past transactions, we could only give you top ratings to all whom are in the market for real estate and would definitely recommend you…. Curt & Jan H.
You were a God-send. Your love and concern for me was so evident and so needed particularly after all I’ve been through of late. You helped to settle my heart and mind and your advice was timely, wise, and fatherly. Thank you. Elizabeth L.
Thank you so very, very much again for all of your incredible hard work, compassion, and expert attention during our home selling/buying adventures. It is so true that we could not have done it without you! Todd S. & Dr. Louise D.
There was nothing Jack and Steve couldn’t accomplish. From the beginning, finding the right house was difficult because there were several important yet complicated criteria that had to be met. Yet, through their dogged determination, Jack and Steve worked tirelessly and never gave up finding the right house…. We realized working with Jack and Steve that they are experts in their field who truly care for the customer’s welfare and interests. They went above and beyond the call of duty and their experience and professionalism is unlike any other. We highly recommend Jack and Steve Rupp. We promise that it will be a rewarding experience. Young & Susan L.
During the negotiation process, I was given updates twice a week on Jack and Steve’s automated system, but they were available on a daily basis whenever I had additional questions. Once the closing was set, negotiations with the buyer became somewhat difficult and [the closing] ended up being postponed. Jack and Steve remained professional and helpful during this stressful period and kept me calm until the closing date was set and finalized. I always recommend Jack and Steve whenever I speak to someone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Their knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism are first-rate and I will always use them for any future real estate transactions. Robin H.
Jack and Steve were very punctual and persistent. They provided some ideas to help the appearance of the house. They were great at letting me know when someone was coming to see the house, along with following up with me on how they liked or disliked the house. In four working days, my house was sold. I couldn’t have been happier with the result. They knew the market, pricing and how to find the right buyers for my house. Still, to this day, they send me thank you cards for the business. If I were to sell another house, Jack and Steve would be my first choice, without a doubt. Amanda L.
You were able to give us great advice on how to display our home to make it more desirable to the buyer. The little extra tips, like writing a letter to the potential buyer, and setting our dining area with china were helpful hints. We were very impressed on all of your great marketing ideas. You had it listed and there was a sign in our yard shortly after we let you know we were ready to sell. We were very excited and happy that you were able to sell our home in only 5 days. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a Realtor. Brian & Staci S.
Jack and Steve Rupp are an awesome real estate team. They met with us and we were very impressed with their thorough and comprehensive research of our existing home and neighborhood. In addition, they were honest and helpful in letting us know what we needed to do to get our existing home marketable. We followed their advice and guidance and our home sold within a month at the price we needed. As for the new home construction, the Rupps came to the builder meetings with us and helped us choose options that we desired, but also options that may help us down the road if we decided to sell again. They followed up with the builder and us to be sure our new home was on time and well-constructed. Both Jack and Steve were very responsive and accessible to any questions or problems we encountered. They remained calm and clear-headed when challenges came up and we were getting stressed. They were positive, but also realistic.Trust is a major component in choosing a Realtor. We really felt the Rupps understood our desires and had our best interests at heart. Beyond that, they are just great people who were a pleasure to work with. We certainly will use them again in the future and heartily recommend them. Don & Sara K.
I wanted to thank you for all you did for both mom and dad, and for me, in the home selling/buying process. You and Steve make a great team and I have never felt more valued, respected, and appreciated as a client in any environment. You and Steve definitely understand how to treat people and recognize the value of all the little things that mean so much. You guys excel at handling ‘the details’, no matter how big or how small, so your clients can concentrate on finding the perfect home. I sure feel like I did and your role was critical and superbly done! On behalf of my entire family, and me personally, my sincere thanks for a job exceptionally well done! Barney W.
Steve Rupp has been exceptional as our realtor. His thorough research, perceptive advice, and respectful, forthright manner were critical in selling our house quickly. He consistently responded to all our concerns and provided ongoing feedback, including weekly phone updates, regarding the progression of things. Steve is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of real estate, and is easy to work with. We are pleased to recommend him highly. Shelley and Mike Q.
We met with Steve Rupp today. An excellent referral for us. He exceeded our expectations, and came incredibly well-prepared to discuss listing our home, what to expect during the process, and what a market-appropriate asking price should be. Derek & Lori P.
We are so excited to be moving to Harmony! Everyone has been fantastic throughout the entire process. We were fortunate to work with Steve Rupp as our realtor. He is more than a realtor to us….he is a true friend. He eased our selling and moving fears and kept us focused on the build and design of our new home. His meticulous approach helped us sell our home in unprecedented time. He continues to meet and consult with us throughout the buying and selling process. We are so fortunate to have Steve as our realtor, advisor and friend. I highly recommend Steve Rupp with Keller Williams if you are looking to buy/sell a home. Jamie & Jill E.
Steve was a great partner in the selling process. He kept us informed and helped secure professionals as needed to fix items in our home as well as obtain a last minute survey. Since we had moved out of town, he and Kylie were always willing to check on our home and ensure that everything was in good order. I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to buy or sell a home! Tom & Karen N.
Steve excels at building trust and great relationships. I can say I’ve never worked with anyone that brings so much value to his craft. He’s extremely knowledgeable and takes a personal approach that allows us to be at ease through a process that can be difficult at times. Trust is so important – I can’t say I trust many and certainly Steve is the only one we trust with real estate. We came into the area over four years ago as Steve provided great insight into the Northern part of Indianapolis and was candid about many areas that most agents would not be. As an example, Steve pointed out strengths and weaknesses of homes we looked at as well as builders. He showed around 20 homes to us in a period of two days when we were looking over four years ago. I trust him so much I asked him to help with new construction! Dave & Tanja C.
Steve exceeded my expectations in nearly every way possible. He has an excellent eye for detail (which saved me from calamity more than once). He is an excellent communicator, and his attitude is always stellar. Steve provided the perfect balance between keeping me involved in my home purchase and respecting my busy schedule. I would recommend Steve to anyone and everyone without reservation, and will most definitely be in touch with him when I’m ready to purchase my next home. Wade G.
Steve has always been very professional and knowledgeable– a pleasure to work with. One of the many reasons I continue to use him as our realtor. Damon & Diane H.
Steve made excellent observations/recommendations for me to use in preparing my home for sale and it worked in ABOUT THREE WEEKS!!! Eric P.
Our home was not an easy sell. We still pinch ourselves thinking it took less than a month to sell! Larry & Carrie H.
It’s be an honor and a pleasure working with Steve Rupp as his client. We can be a lot in terms of handholding and not always having the right understanding of certain areas such as real estate and home building. Since we had such an outstanding experience with Steve in the past when moving to the Indianapolis area we wanted to ask for his help in new construction. Of course, new construction often means you work only with the builder. However, we wanted to utilize Steve for his expertise with many builders in the area and we knew Steve would be sure we were working with the right builders and doing the right things along the way. We are so happy we did! Steve once again provided valuable insight throughout the process making himself available to us on many occasions. He took his time to explain areas that the builder left out or otherwise didn’t take time to do as well as be an advocate for us when at times we were frustrated with the process or with the builder. I can’t say this enough about Steve, but he’s extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable, and completely involved in making sure we were happy. He did this by being there with us when looking at the model homes, making selections, during inspections, etc. all the while providing valuable insight to help us to make good choices along the way. Because of his approach to us as his clients we felt we had a trusted advisor and perhaps more bargaining power as well. We can’t thank Steve or say enough about him. Steve still reaches out to us to see how we are doing and if our new home is living up to expectations. If you are looking for someone that will take his time and also have the experience to know what he’s talking about – Steve Rupp needs to be your realtor!!! Dave & Tanja C.
Steve Rupp was a great assistance to my wife and I when we moved to Indianapolis in 2007 and again when we sold our house in 2015. When buying a house, we were on a tight timeframe as we could only get to Indy a couple of times to look for houses and didn’t know which area we wanted to live in. Steve arranged overviews and showed us houses in various neighborhoods and listened carefully to what we liked and disliked about each area and house. He then quickly helped us narrow down our search area and took us through every house on the market in a 1 mile radius. In the end, we got a great house that we loved for the years that we were there. It was our first home and where all three of our children were born. When selling our house, the market was hot and moving quickly. Steve gave a thorough review of the house including items to fix and those to not touch before listing. With the strong sellers market, we wanted to maximize the price and Steve helped to position the house for top dollar and pushed the market price for the neighborhood higher. We sold within a couple of weeks on the market and had two competing offers. During the process, Steve was valuable in sheltering us from a very unreasonable buyer. In the end, we got top dollar and a quick close – can’t ask for much more! Jon & Amy H.

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